Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Big Bullet Scores Interview

The Big Bullet has an excellent interview with KEE head honcho John Robinson regarding the acquisition by KEE of the Smart Part's IP portfolio . It also provides some in-depth background info which, unfortunately, continues to keep the lid on just who and what was/is White Hats LLC. (Not that 68 Cal is obligated in any way to disclose related info it may have--I'm just nosy like that.) Regardless, if you'd like to know more about KEE's purchase, intentions and how this might impact the PBIndustry check it out.

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Anonymous said...

If I were KEE, I would do it like this. Let's guess that the patent portfolio was worth 2 million USD. I would tell all current manufacturers making electronic paintball markers, that each company will be under same patent licensing fees until 2.5 million is generated. After that, medium value of each patent fee paid by each company is counted up. Easy, simplified example, 10 companies pay licensing fees, average of 250k USD, in a span of 2 years. Then all patents are given to a paintball promotion foundation, original 10 are released from patent fees.

After this, each new company entering the PB business, will be subject to licensing fees until they have paid same median value as the original companies did. In our example, 250k. Then they are free of license fees and become members of the promotion foundation. Foundation will use this income to promote sport of paintball.

Adjust all values via inflation.

Net result, paintball grows, Kee gets 500k for their investment and there is a proper licensing authority to grow the sport and new companies can enter the business and in time (when they have paid same medium as others) become members of the licensing foundation.

Pipe dream? Fo sure.