Monday, April 25, 2011

The Monday Poll

This week's poll is interested in the second hand paintball marketplace and more specifically what typical items of paintball gear are most likely to bought and sold second hand. To that end the poll will include a list of items. Choose the three items you are most likely to buy second hand. Even if you have purchased more than 3 of the items second hand in the past please limit yourself to just three. That should help the final poll numbers to differentiate between the categories of paintball stuff and what y'all are more and less inclined to buy used. Remember, please choose just three items--the top three in order of the likelihood you would purchase that item second hand.
Ready, set--vote!

Monday Poll in Review
Well, that was fun, wasn't it? It must have been because last week's pick your favorite paintball websites received more votes than any previous Monday poll. And that's with some of you not bothering to vote for your top 3 choices. (Yes, that would mean many of you voted for less than 3 websites.) Even so, VFTD has drawn a few conclusions about the data collected. PBN is far and away the most popular (and populous) paintball website [on our list.] I add the list business 'cus nobody could have (or did) vote for a website that wasn't on the list. Okay, except for the guy who would'a sorta voted for TechPB in the comments of the 'Oops, I forgot TechPB' post. But my point stands because I also forgot to include's not there--and not only did nobody write in a vote for, nobody else remembered them either. (apparently) Unlike our friends at PBLive & Paintball News Asia who put out requests to their regulars to vote for them here at VFTD. Again, coming as no great surprise, ProPaintball came in a strong second. The results I found unexpected was the strong showing from Social Paintball and the fact Warpig remains a player despite the fact it isn't particularly active and doesn't cater to any particular niche. (It remains nonpareil as resource for paintball history.) Also interesting was the factoid that none of the news-oriented sites was particularly strong--with the exception of ProPaintball which is really a hybrid site of sorts. Otherwise they all came out about the same. All in all the results mostly confirm what most of us would have guessed to begin with. That, and also like most of us would have guessed, the average paintballer has specific interests and the odds are the websites that attract their interest are the ones that match those interests. Not exactly earth shattering data.


Reiner Schafer said...

The news media sites pretty much all have the same crap news releases. Why would there be much difference between them? They are also boring. I think most people want to read about others' opinions and if they are controversial opinions, so much the better as far as interest goes. Sort of the same reasoning why Shock Radio is so popular in the talk radio world.

Dan said...

NEW poll:
Ill only buy non-wearables. The idea of me putting on other peoples sweat or whatever other bodily fluids doesn't sit well with me. that includes packs and masks.
Old poll: Agree. I visit one news site, one blog, and PBN. Only 1/10 of my pbn posts are paintball related. mosts of those are information, not news/ gossip.

Anonymous said...

Dan, I totally agree on only buying non-wearables used. However, I have bought used packs, but NEVER masks.

Israel said...

Yes, Social Paintball made the podium!

houdini said...

Israel - testament to the hard work you guys have put in over the past few years building up the Social Paintball brand. Great work.