Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TechPB Oversight

The post facto brouhaha between the NCPA (represented by Chris Raehl) and the USF Bulls paintball club brought something else to my attention. The fact that VFTD left TechPB off the options list for this week's Monday Poll. No slight of TechPB was intended and in my defense nobody else suggested it either but it should have been listed. For anyone who wishes to please use the comments to vote for TechPB and I will include them in the final tally.

For the record I blame you people (Who you calling you people?) all you lazy slackers for not picking up my slack on this TechPB thing.


sdawg said...

wow, I guess Mike Phillips and/or his legion of fanboys (rivaling even teh vaunted DPA) wrote you an angry e-mail? I'm looking forward to the inevitable anti-Baca screen on Youtube detailing the entire melodrama that unfolded.

In your defense, while the TechPB youtube channel is awesome, the corresponding website, not so much.

Mark790.06 said...

Which brings back fond memories of the free for all days of Smacktalkpaintball.com

Baca Loco said...

Actually sdawg
They didn't. If that had happened I likely would have suggested something rude and anatomically impossible.
I noticed it myself following up on the USF Bulls/NCPA drama. Only the second time I've ever been to TechPB. Apparently they don't get over here very often either. :-)

Reiner Schafer said...

You've been there once more than I have then Baca. Maybe no one on here mentioned them because they aren't on their radar.

sdawg said...

"inevitable anti-Baca screed" is what I meant to type.

Anonymous said...

How about the OG's sites, A5OG,X7OG, PEOG,98OG,InvertOG
Sry No account

Baca Loco said...

OG's? I don't think so. Nerds with markers.

The_Economist said...

I read VFTD regularly and am a frequent poster on TechPB. I would vote for TechPB if I could.

Scoff at the Mike fanboys all you want, but remember that TechPB is also the host to Punkworks, the best place for paintball science since Warpig.

houdini said...

Who are we to know there wasn't some ongoing feud between Baca and Mr Phillips? I'm the last one who would want to step in between the two of you!!!

Baca Loco said...

You are dating yourself--but I'm with ya.

That's only because the evil empire has you in its thrall.

The Economist
You just did. Feel free to encourage the kids at TechPB to drop by and vote. All they have to do is put "TechPB" in a comment here.
RE: fanboys. No need to be defensive. Mike is welcome to all the fanboys, I prefer girls.

You're a shameless pot stirrer. Nicely done.

Reiner Schafer said...

I stayed away from the Evil Empire for many years, but eventually found that PBN was the place that had the largest number of fellow field owners. We need to meet somewhere to keep the industry rolling :) and when you want to talk shop, you have to go where the shopkeepers hang out.

PBN is far from perfect, but it is a cross section of people involved with paintball, both good and bad, just like real life. I like to hear everyone's opinion, even if most of them are wrong. I mean, that's why I come here as well, to find out what the people who are doing it wrong think ;) .

I hang out at M. Carter Brown to get some generally more mature input from players, but it's biased for that same reason (more mature), not that it's a bad thing, just not a true representation of "paintball".