Monday, April 18, 2011

Hanging with Mike Tyson

VFTD 'rumored' months ago that Facefull (Rich Telford's Wide World of Paintball) was the magazine that wasn't but publications (of Facefull & Jungle) were already infrequent enough to keep most everyone confused. (The X3 kids didn't figure it out until a few weeks ago. I'm sorry but that's funny.)
However, Facefull recently tweeted--it's okay, they're French--that the magazine was coming back. There's also an obscure notification on their website. See it here. There's a lot of blather about restructuring blah blah blah but how long could that take? The new Facefull will be published 6 times a year. (Isn't that what it was before, too, or did they end up behind?)
Anyway, the next issue is supposed to hit the streets mid-May. And in the meantime VFTD hopes they enjoyed their vaca in Bolivian, hanging with Mike Tyson.

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