Tuesday, April 19, 2011

They've Kidnapped Junior Brown

If you missed it I poked a little fun at the ProPaintball Kidz last week for claiming that mysterious 'pro paintball insiders' leaked the 2 sample NPPL layouts. And in so doing I wondered if perhaps the insiders were kidnapping & hypnotizing JB in order to command his unwitting help in uncovering all this top secret info.
It was only posted on VFTD's Facebook page so if you aren't keeping up you're occasionally missing out. At any rate, there's been another leak--so they must have kidnapped Junior--again.
This time around the "leak" involves another format change, or perhaps unchange would be more accurate. At HB the Pros played Race 2-2 (No, they didn't call it that) in brackets of 4 teams each--despite VFTD's prediction of likely confusion and chaos. The issue with the brackets is the high likelihood of multiple team ties (4 outta 6 brackets in HB) and the resulting tie-breaker system that was poorly understood and poorly explained at HB and on the ESPN3 broadcast. All the ties gave an appearance that results were not being resolved on the field but by math geeks tucked away in a tent some place. It wasn't quite that bad but clean, simple & easy to understand is better--so the league is apparently going to return to the prior prelim practice of two divisions playing round robin with posted game scores with high scores moving on. Then on Sunday the Pros will return to the Race 2-2 in 2 brackets of four teams each to determine the semifinals.

Whad'dya mean you're still confused?


Justin@PROPaintball said...

For the record..neither of the stories came from JB.

Baca Loco said...

Hey Justin
I know, they came from insiders. You guys didn't kidnap Rich, did you? That's ballsy!

JB said...

So i made it onto the VFTD Facebook and now the Blog! I'm having a good week. ;-)