Friday, April 22, 2011

The Price Is Right

Credit where credit is due. At least the Millennium Series is consistent. Confronted with a problem they handled it the way they always handle problems--by spending (or collecting) other people's money. Very frugal of them--or was that Barry Fuggle of them? Either way somebody other than the MS end up on the hook.
It seems the proliferation of videographers/photographers looking, more or less, like paintball players on field during competition has caused enough confusion and complaints that the Millennium (after some sort of player/team/media consultation that seems to have been intentionally ignored) solved the problem by designing a short-sleeve "jersey" that is predominantly yellow and only costs (somebody else) 39 (mandatory) Euros. [The post title links to the whole silly story.]
I'd slam the MS (again) but what's the point? They are utterly shameless and the truth is all the Eurokids do is whine, whimper and complain a bit and then knuckle under. Consider the situation from the MS's point of view--what are sheep for? Shearing--and so that's what they do. Speaking of shearing the sheep check this out.

The MS makes the CPL & SPL fields available for team practice(s) the day before each event begins for the bargain basement price of 400 Euros an hour. If your team splits the time with another team it's only 200 Euros to each. Back in the day over here we used to consider playing the tourney field in advance an unfair competitive advantage. In the MS they sell that advantage to those who can afford it--and are willing to pay for it. And the sheep say, "Baa."


Anonymous said...

So you think the league should bear the costs of everyone who thinks they are a photographer being on the field?

Aside from a very select few, being there benefits the photographer way more than it benefits the league. You want the benefits, pay for it.

Selling practice time is bad form though. If they really want to let teams practice the layout, include the price in the entry fee and let people bid for which hour they want to practice.

Baca Loco said...

What costs are those, Anon? The costs the league manufactures to solve a problem that didn't used to be a problem? Or some other unstated costs?
As the league controls who receives and doesn't receive media passes that allow them on field the MS has absolute control already.

You might want to use whatever brains you possess (next time) before you make an imbecile of yourself on a public forum. You might also want to review your recent tournament paintball history and see how much good it did the old NXL when they blacked out coverage of their league over a two year span before you decide who has the most to gain or lose.

And, no, it's not just bad form, Old Sport. It's the selling of unfair competitive advantage by the very institution that is supposed to be providing a fair and impartial game to all participants.

No wonder you chose to be anonymous--you're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the sheep say "Buy".

Anonymous said...

BTW, I'm a different Anon from the other guy. You know, the dumb one.

Baca Loco said...

Thanks, Anon #2, I kinda figured. ;-)

Don Saavedra said...

I'm as pinko socialist as the next guy (the next guy is always Bernie Sanders), but even I hope for a free-market challenger to a league that would do this.

Anonymous said...

Anon #2 says:

A couple of drunken Mexicans could do a better job than the entire MS board. They'd serve some kickass food, for a start.

Full Bore said...

Bacca, thanks for picking this up.

As you will have seen from your source (as referenced in the link in your post title) I have a few reservations on this issue.

I do not feel that the design the MS has decided on resolves the issues they raise.

As for the question of cost, fine, if you want your media top personalised, a charge should be made. If not, then maybe a deposit system should be put in place, hand it back in at the end of the event and get your cash back. Also, I'm sure and 'local' media won't be forced to go and buy one from the MS's sponsor's booth if they turn up to get a few shots/minutes footage for the evening paper/news.

AKA onasilverbike

abc said...

Of course you do Don, simply because you're a photographer. I assume you have no problem with the league charging the players and sponsors more so that photographers can be employed in expensive webcasts? And don't tell me expensive webcasts don't ultimately have to be born by the players and all sponsors. When the league sinks money into failed efforts at a profitable filming ventures (which result in the employment for people extraneous to the actual paying customers of the event -- players and sponsors) then the league has less money to weather the financial storms of the future and the players pick up the tab in the following years via higher entry fees.

Now, I'm not hating on media, as I think they are valuable. But no more so than the players. Players pay to play. Vendors pay to vend. Sponsors pay to advertise. Photographers should pay to photograph. We talk about the entitlement of players who want free crap. The photogs not only want free crap, but many of them want to be paid for it!

Yes, what you do is valuable (just like a team is valuable to a manufacturer). But face it, tens of thousands MORE people enjoy photography than paintball. And I dare say there are thousands who are pretty good at it. Just as people love to write (See this blog and its commentators) people love to photograph. I would not be surprised to see a business model where you pay (even more) for the privilege of photographing the finals games (it's like back stage passes).

Which makes me think the way to save the NY Times is to fire all their writers and have people pay them to write stories.

I'm no fan of the millennium, but it does make sense that if sideline refs have to wear a ref jersey, a photographer should have to wear a photographer jersey. I'd even go one step further and say they have to have bright orange masks or something (at their own expense)

The only issue I see with requiring photogs to have to wear something that makes them stand out is not the cost to the photog, but the cost to the player. Does it distract a player even more so to have someone in black blend in with the netting or someone in bright yellow? You can't do two things at once.... when you come out of a bunker to shoot or run, your eye will get drawn to something that sticks out the most. So instead of seeing an opponent, you're eyes will see a photographer in YELLOW! first and then you'll have to shift gaze to search for the opponent. I'm talking fractions of second here... but still it's something. If you don't think distractions affect the game, just have them all in monkey suits on the sidelines.