Monday, April 4, 2011

The Monday Poll

I got nothing. And I don't give a rat's ass so we's gonna do guns today. But not just modern guns. Pick your all time favorite gat--and if I didn't list it--and there's a good chance I didn't--you can do a write-in in the comments. Make your voice and opinion heard and make sure your favorite gun receives its due as paintball's all time favorite--according to VFTD's The Monday Poll. Whew! What an honor. Well, what are waiting for? (If I don't have your favorite model you might consider just going with a more generic version or at least the same manufacturer. Or not.) Some specific guns are mentioned. Mostly manufacturers. Just keep in mind I ain't putting a lot of time into this. (Yeah, I left off the Splatmaster and the Nelspot. So sue me, Grandpa.)

Monday Poll in Review
For those who managed to vote within the smaller than normal window of time allowed the consensus was very positive. 54% of the vote was outright positive predicting varying degrees of success for the ESPN3 experiment and if the toss up category (the is it half full or half empty option) is included the total jumps to 77% who tended toward a positive perspective of the outcome. Those on the negative side of the ledger were 3:1 more likely to attribute failure to the general apathy of paintballers than the lack of time to get the word out that everyone needed to watch the broadcast. Plainly the vote was a hopeful one on balance and it will be interesting to see how things really shake out in the days ahead. I only hope we (the average paintball peon on the street) actually find out what really happened and don't just get dismissed with some doubletalk press release. Regarding the actual broadcast it's hard to know how well it was received or even how accessible it really was. Word is the quality was better on Friday than on Saturday. Don't know about Sunday and I can't find any current or near current info on viewership other than to say the rumored golden number wouldn't have strained the system. Other rumors suggested some systems weren't giving access to ESPN3 even if it was supposed to be available. I don't if that's accurate or more of a user error kinda thing. What can't be dismissed is how ubiquitous the effort was or how widespread the online media effort to get viewers watching the event. At a guess I think if the numbers were good we'll probably hear about relatively quickly. If information lags it's less and less likely to be positive. Rumor on site during the event was things wee going well and ESPN execs were taking an active interest as the event unfolded. Don't know if that's accurate either--but it sounded good.


Anonymous said...

No dye NT in the list? By far the best gun to hold in hand.

Baca Loco said...

Whoops! That's an embarrassing oversight, isn't it? The NT is an excellent and comfy marker. Especially the very handsome private label Damage NTs.