Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another Cynical VFTD Game

Today's game is company, company, whose got the company? If you missed it in the comments from a few days ago it seems there is a rumor making the rounds that Richmond Italia has bought into Smart Parts. I found this interesting and did a little digging around but being a lazy slacker--much like yourself--I didn't find any confirmation and moved on to other things. But while I was at it I also started looking for GI Milsim and while I didn't find it, one of VFTD's most enterprising correspondents did. (Though I found something else later that makes me question the validity of the Italia buys into SP rumor.)

What is GI Milsim? And who holds the rights to it? And for extra credit try and find DLX Technology.

I'll give you a hint or two to get started. SP and SP Europe are both registered companies with the State of Pennsylvania. The others aren't.

(Because you and I know you're a lazy slacker I will tell you the answers at some point so you needn't play along unless you really, really want to know.)


Missy Q said...

try delaware.

Baca Loco said...

A reasonable possibility given their corporate haven status but DE has no easy or free access to list of registered corporations. So they could be there but if so that's not the point of original registry. (Another hint.)