Wednesday, July 8, 2009

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Hey, better late than never. Today's effort is called, Paintball Diversity, and yes, it's a post I originally intended to post here at VFTD. It's undergone a change or two but remains the basic concept it started out as. I finally decided to put it in Baca's Blog--in case you've forgotten already that's over at the Big Bullet--because the competitive element is really incidental to the subject. Even so some of you might find it interesting. Hit the link(s) and check it out.


anono-mike said...

I liked "68 caliber"'s article better then yours.

Interestingly enough

I think paint volume is more of an "unfair advantage" then strictly ROF. I like the idea of going back to semi, ('semi') but limiting paint to different levels, for different abilities. Maybe thats just me. (which it is)

Anonymous said...

WHOOPS, sorry to add this the first time. Your comment in his article is spot on.

Certain leagues (HRL in houston) are going to lower and lower rof, 8 (all the way down to 1 in that league), rather then limiting actual paint consumption would be better to encourage the types of play the majority of us do.

anonachris said...

I couldn't be bothered to read the whole article, so I'll just skip to the comment anyway (it's always more fun to make comments and judgements first right?)

Someone needs to come up with some fun ways to use the different types of diversity. I remember with Mags first came out and the field owner was considered "the best player in the world" with a mag and his sweet remote (steal braided!) and stock.

He challenged everyone at the field to play him with our pumps and maybe one or 2 semis. So it was like 20 vs 1.

I've seen some fields do this, stack 5-6 of the better players against 20 or so of the less skilled, newer players. It gets everyone excited. There's even a few variants and scenario "mutant" games, with various rules etc.

This is a good way to use some of the diversity in skill and equipment. Of course since I didn't read all of what you wrote and just jumped to the assumptions, who knows if this was useful :P

As to the comment about limiting paint, I'm generally ok with those ideas and I'm also open to the criticism of them. I think when I played some PanAm (or was it GTS or GTO, I dunno what) they had some kind of paint limit and I didn't feel it harmed the game. I didn't notice a huge benefit either, but gear was different then.

What's interesting though, is our gear back then was still since as very advanced compared to what it is now, and even back then people were still trying to come up with rules and regulations to control things.

Anonymous said...

"What's interesting though, is our gear back then was still seen as very advanced compared to what it..."

Baca Loco said...

You've reminded me of a regular game we used to play at the field I reffed at--the first game after lunch was always refs versus everybody on the city course (which was a bunch of rag-tag "buildings" on open ground with a bit of Old Skool plywood X's and barrels tossed into the mix.) As most of the refs were on the field team it was kinda like the games you mentioned. Usually the ratio was 10 or 12 to 1 and there would be paint prizes for the customer(s) who eliminated a ref. As long as I played the customers never won but everyone enjoyed playing. said...

Imagine BacaLoco with 15 pods, both on gun and remote bottles - taking on the world.

"Come get some, suckers!"

Baca Loco said...

Kids. Think Chuck Norris coming up out of the water with a pair of M-16s in Missing In Action.

In truth it was an autococker with 114 with a KAPP drop forward & VL 3000. 15 pods in tourney play but for the field games 2 or 3 tops.

anonachris said...


As long as it's not the lame one where he goes back to get some kid from an orphanage...