Saturday, July 18, 2009

Enlistment for the Week

Almost snuck one past me--and this is a day late. I'd like to say it's still Friday somewhere in the world but I know y'all ain't that gullible. My apologies to VFTD's latest recruit to the DPA, J Christopher Urbanczyk. If I recall correctly JCU joins us from the future capitol of the Caribbean, Miami. (And if I'm mistaken I blame Blogger.) Welcome aboard.

Besides JCU there may have been another recruit who did slip past me. (I have an idea who it might be after looking at the list.) Blogger, for reasons known only deep within the cavernous recesses of Googledom, changed some characteristics of the "follower" gadget so I can no longer tell when a person joined. (As pleased as I am to get new recruits I confess I don't keep track on a daily basis.) If I did miss somebody don't hesitate to take me to task and I will rectify the error immediately, if not sooner.

World domination: Not as easy as it looks


Crusificton said...

Thanks for the warm welcome. I'd stumbled upon your blog at the beginning, but I didn't think you'd keep up with it at the time. I'm glad you did because I really enjoy your criticisms. I especially like the OTB sections. Do you determine the edging moves from looking at the layout or do you test them first?

Anyhow, glad to be aboard, and yes I'm from the new Caribbean.

Baca Loco said...

If it's a field we played and I post after an event, we used them. If it's before an event or a MS event we either might have or didn't. I honestly don't think it matters very much since the idea is just to help peeps see what's possible and then begin to think about how and why you might use one lane over another.

A future step might be to begin integrating the lanes with specific breakouts.