Friday, July 31, 2009

Campaign Cup '09 OTB

Assume the usual disclaimer and also assume that any lane suggested may, if appropriate, be more accurately observed as a zone and shouldn't be viewed as limited to the simple line used to demonstrate approximate location.

A--lanes represent a snake side home shooter and offer three distinct options though the widest, A, is most easily accomplished tight up on the home bunker. A1 is the most utilitarian of the options and should be considered the primary snake side lane. Any set of clearly defined lanes however offer the possibility of a shooter putting up two clean lanes of fire. (DO NOT try two lane shooting unless you are already a very good laner to begin with. Even then it must be practiced and evaluated honestly. I only mention it because it is possible to shoot two lanes to effect but it is a rare skill I do not often recommend. More on this with the B lanes.)

B--D-side home shooter also has 3 clearly defined lanes available and the spacing of those lanes is far more conducive to two lane shooting otb. Here's how it works (if you were to try it.) On the horn sweep the gun up into lane B just long enough to see a handful of paintballs on your lane--at about this time the first runner will be moving thru that lane or just past it--at which time you sweep your gun into the next lane. You will often choose this next lane by the position of the first runner; deep or tight. Deep is a likely corner runner while closer to the bunkers suggests a more upfield primary. The obstacles in two lane shooting is you have to put up two effective lanes of paint in very short order. Too little time committed to the first one and it's pointless but too much time committed means no chance of getting multiple balls through the wide lane in advance of the runner. If you can do it it will be particularly useful on the D-side of this field.

All the remaining positions expose the shooter to some additional risk except G. And all the remaining positions can be accomplished running & gunning. That stated, each position can, on average, be more effectively shot as a hesitation or dead zone lane.

C--is "hiding" from a home shooter and actual position will depend on physical placement of the actual bunkers as the degree of cover is minimal. The wide lane offers only marginal help in controlling the snake as it will only be available in the seconds immediately preceding the breakout. The inner lane, C1, offers some unique options however. It may be used as a change-up from a wide runner or as a trailing gun or even off the delay. The object is lane paint into the pin zone and then hesitate using your pin to block the opponent's home. You can now edge home off his lane (A1). Keep in mind an uncontested corner runner will be able to quickly wrap.

D--like C there is some risk from the home shooter if you aren't careful. The virtue of D is that it offers an excellent crossfield shot along with an equally excellent lane inside the the D-side doritos that can be used after showing the opposition a wide runner stance prior to the breakout.

E--is a variant on D that assumes the opponent will stop at the can (or MT) shooting wide. The object here is to be able to turn in on the opponent's edge and catch the player off guard.

F--is either an R&G or a delay as it is otherwise too exposed. As a delay (assuming a corner opponent) it offers the option of edging the home shooter using the MT. The only alternative is if a player were R&G'ing the corner but held up due to an obvious wide lane being shot from home. In this case the player must first lane the outer edges of the can and MT and then quickly try and edge home of the lane or reverse direction.

G--offers a terrific crossfield lane on a snake runner but also offers a reasonably solid position from which to contain snake movement and activity given that the pin placement allows the player some freedom of movement.

As always if there is a specific question about any of this don't hesitate to post it up in comments. Otherwise I'll be following this post up with another on the Campaign layout discussing tactical options and the field imbalances you might be able to take advantage of.

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Great post! Thanks a lot! Will be having a practice this sunday on this layout. I'll return with comments then.