Monday, July 13, 2009

This Week at VFTD

Who am I kidding? I thought (hoped) posting a weekly schedule would give some order to this whole blogging process but it hasn't. A couple of things are working against my inclination for regularity. (Thanks, Metamucil!) Stuff comes up in the course of a week that grabs my attention and some of the posts actually require a bit of work and I don't always have the time to put into them that I'd like so it looks like we will all have to be satisfied with whatever I can manage. (Okay, you don't have to be satisfied, you can come and go as you please.) This was mostly a long-winded way of saying I'ma discontinuing the weekly schedule for those who find the lack of adherence more annoying than they do humorous. Otherwise all the regulars will be posted (more or less) when they are supposed to be. MLP Updates on Tuesdays and so on. Contingent on this week's Monday Poll, of course.


BMason said...

POOOP! Time for you to get a laptop, the bathroom is my thinking chair/office. I get most of my work done in there with consistency :)

Baca Loco said...

C'mon, Brandon, I'm hip and with it. I've got a laptop and one of these days I'm gonna figure out how to turn it on.