Friday, July 17, 2009

The Premath: West Coast Open

I figured if you could have an aftermath (the result or consequence of an event) why not have a premath (setting the table, as it were, for the coming event and eventual aftermath)? In the premath leading up to the USPL West Coast Open you may recall the kids at ProPaintball dropping the knowledge that Miami Rage was out (at least for this event and perhaps the season) and shortly thereafter that Aftermath would, with Art's blessing, fill the spot. Well, apparently that was one of those not so fast dealios until the owners group decided last night to go ahead as originally scheduled and allow Aftermath to play in the Miami spot without carrying over Miami's seed points. That will put Aftermath in the Saturday prelim section and keep the Pro total at 16 teams. The only remaining related issue is what the team will be called. Seems to me if they want to maintain continuity and call them Miami Rage they should leave the seed points in place because in essence what's happening is a wholesale roster change is being allowed. If they are to be acknowledged as Aftermath removing Miami's seed points is reasonable. Either way I'm not sure it's a huge deal but I'm glad the divisions remain intact.

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