Monday, July 6, 2009

This Week at VFTD

This week the deck may get reshuffled. If you're not sure what that means, join the club. I'm stalling. Carried over from last week is Another Cynical VFTD Game and I may (or may not) answer the questions posed this week. We'll see what else comes up. The post, Paintball Diversity, will be posted in Baca's Blog later today instead of here at VFTD. I'm also working on some things to do with officiating and I'll be revisiting Classification again soon. It's also time for another episode of Ask the Coach. Anyway, the following schedule is purely hypothetical (and I wouldn't blame you for thinking, like always) so I guess we'll find out together how accurate it proves to be.

Monday: This Week at VFTD, The Monday Poll (The Poll Review), Link to Baca's Blog
Tuesday: MLP Held Hostage Weekly Update
Wednesday: A reffing post?
Thursday: A classification post?
Friday: Enlistment(s) for the Week, No doubt something else terrific

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