Friday, July 3, 2009

World Domination On Hold

Another Friday with no enlistments to the Deadbox Puppet Army. Now I know how the Brain feels with you lot as my collective Pinky. It's a hard row.

Instead I have a few items to share with y'all. A reminder that ProPaintball put the word out that Billy B. has a blog now. I'm following up because, God help me, I like Billy and from the sample posted he can almost spell. That and I got a real kick out of going to his site.

If you truly are a no lifer you can catch the Millennium Paris action on Keep in mind they're five hours ahead of EST and schedule your day (or night) accordingly.

Here's a promotional gimmick for the PSP and this year's World Cup. (You got three months to work on this.) The Florida Sportsman Challenge to benefit the Childhood Leukemia Foundation. (I know, that sounds kinda cynical and maybe it is but hear me out.) Round up 3-man teams from Florida-based pro sports teams ( the Rays and Marlins) and major universities to play some paintball for charity. You want mainstream media coverage and an opportunity to do a good thing all while promoting paintball as sport? A positive spin and name athletes from established sports portray paintball in a whole new light. Just saying.

Bleg: How many refs are working PSP divisional fields this season and is it the same number as last year? I'm just curious. (No dark, evil ulterior motives--that I'll admit to.)

UPDATE: I'm going to thin out the herd of sidebar references to paintblogs and perhaps sites to reflect those that are reasonably active. If you know of any sites that ought to be added drop me a line or if you update your current site shortly it may keep it on the list. (I'm not a neat freak but it's time for a little housekeeping.)


houdini said...

Is it me or does Billy B's blog design look a little like 'When we were kings?"

Baca Loco said...

I particluarly enjoyed the theme music.