Monday, July 20, 2009

The Monday Poll

This week's poll gives you an opportunity to predict how many pro teams will begin next season. The qualifications are simple: The poll is only addressing teams competing in events in North America--and for those of you who are geographically-challenged that means we's not counting the CPL teams in the MS. That leaves you with two basic calculations to consider; how many leagues will there be next season and how many of the existing pro teams, regardless of league(s), will carry over.

Monday Poll in Review
A sincere VFTD thank you to all you quasi-slackers who took a moment to vote in last week's poll about VFTD. It is appreciated and, even better, the results give me an excuse to limit (or excise) the How-To posts. (The less actual work involved while maintaining the appearance of actual work the better.) Same goes for rehashing the minutiae of the poll results.
But I do have one further request of y'all. If there's anything you'd like more of post it up in comments. (Not that I expect any replies but this way I can tell myself I'm doing everything possible and that y'all really, really like VFTD just the way it is, which is, you know, very gratifying on a personal level. See how I turned your lack of interest and unwillingness to communicate into warm, fuzzy feelings and a net positive?)


Anonymous said...

I'd like more posts discussing how people don't reply to the posts enough. :)

What I find most valuable, and what I'd love to see more of, is your observations and predictions on the future direction of the sport. You have access to privileged information and you have great insight into the direction of all things that interest me (teams, leagues, sponsorship...) and you understand long term cause-and-effect.

This week's poll is a great example. Instead of just analyzing the results we feed you, I'd like to hear you break down your thoughts on the topic, including environmental factors that lead you to whatever conclusion you come to.

This sort of content, along with the field breakdowns, is really unique to this site and to you.

Baca Loco said...

Have I mentioned that not commenting enough thing before?

I think I can safely say there will be plenty more on this and related topics coming. I have intentionally avoided some of this stuff in recent months for a couple of reasons. Early in a new season I don't think it's unreasonable (or even imprudent) to frame things in a positive upbeat manner and, realistically, the best time to strike, as it were, is when the iron is hot. [Not quite a mixed metaphor but pretty damn awkward nonetheless.] As we close in on the completion of the 09 season peeps naturally will begin to focus on what comes next. (And, in all honesty, I was trying to give the USPL every opportunity to succeed and not be out here in the wilderness shouting, "Nay!" After, you know, initially saying they had no chance in hell.)

Anonymous said...

I am confused as to why the USPL will continue on beyond the WCO? Geography aside, they can't seem to get the kind of support they need to be solvent in this economy. Will they go back and try to figure out where it didn't go right or step aside for the time being and let the regionals keep 7man going? Which to me sounds like the right thing to do and would put less stress on the Pro Teams trying to keep it alive. Let PSP finish the year with a great World Cup and then see where 7 man lives in 2010.

hippo said...

The USPL just had a convenient scenario come to fruition with the number of teams registered vs the payout. (A rule which some are questioning the timeliness in: when was this rule put into effect?)
But regardless of when, that's what's happening. I would think someone did the math to determine 75 teams as being near the breakeven point, so to have 71 teams and hold back 30% of the payout should result in the WCO leaving them in the least as a standalone event.
I hope for the pro teams over there, aka the owners, that it continues on. I don't want to see anyone lose their investment.

Mike said...

Your poll is ambiguous - which league? Total?

Or is it intentionally ambiguous... ;) haha.

Like the blog. More how-to/coach type posts. Analysis of paintball as a sport/industry is good but I think quite a few people appreciate the tips.


Baca Loco said...

Reading comprehension. Nothing ambiguous. Part of your prediction is to consider how many leagues there will be. SEE Monday Poll post. :)

Appreciate the input. Thanks.