Friday, March 20, 2009

Deadbox Puppet Army & Other Miscellany

There were no new enlistments this week (you lazy slackers) so I'm taking a moment to re-post the definition of the Deadbox Puppet Army.

The numbers suggest there are lots of new visitors to our happy little blog so I thought I'd take a moment to explain the Deadbox Puppet Army for the uninitiated. The DPA is intended--given my warped sense of humor--to be an ironic poke at paintball's penchant for generating lookalike armies and the impulse for everybody to be individuals in large groups. (Can you say, agg?) If you were hoping to park your brain at the door and march in lockstep with your fellow puppets I'm afraid you will be disappointed. There won't be any of that here. We are all just simple victims of paintball, friends with a shared insanity--no strings attached.

One week ago I posted a Burning Question regarding the possibility of the PSP going to a universal ROF limit next year of 10.5 bps. So far the PSP has failed to respond but that's okay because it's real easy for me to keep posting the question. I wonder if somebody would reply if I posted it over at PBN? (If you're wondering if that might be a threat I prefer to think of it as a promise.)

If you hadn't noticed the 2009 PSP rulebook is available on their website. (Link in sidebar.)

Check out the Pump Party--a new weekly feature--over at The Big Bullet (68 Caliber). It ain't tourney ball but it's good stuff. Disclaimer: I do have a pump but it ain't Old Skool, it's a converted Hybrid cocker and I seldom get to use it.

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