Friday, March 27, 2009

Paintball Stuff

Tired of me harping on the possibility that the PSP might drop the top ROF to 10.5 bps? Feel free to call and lodge your complaint at 1-800-RAT-SASS. Or, you could, you know, drop the PSP an email query asking them to clarify. I'm just saying.
Of course I'm sure you realize that the non-response is, in fact, an answer. Plainly the PSP doesn't want to be locked into a position--which means they want to keep the option open of dropping the top ROF.

USPL HB is a week away. Registration is officially closed. Some of you are wondering why I have gone all Stepford on the USPL lately. Where's the criticism, I'm asked, that I busted out early on when the new league was first announced? A couple of things; one, I decided, due to my team affiliation, I had an obligation not to appear to be running down the league while it tries to get off the ground and, two, I like competing leagues and always have–even in this environment. I'm not sure it's possible but, hey. Anyway, after the event I will do a review of the league and its prospects.

PSP is putting the finishing touches on the language that will allow pro rosters to carry a reserve player, sort of. Official word should reach the pro teams shortly. It's not nearly as useful as a simple bump in roster size would have been and doubtless will include some new (and inane) classification rigmarole.

Picking up where Mr. Curious left off last time I wonder how the leagues will resolve the "is he or isn't he" a pro player dealio that is almost sure to come up some time. See, PSP only recognizes pro division Race 2-7 rostered players as "pros" but the USPL has a whole separate batch of their own "pro" players. In the past one league mostly ignored the other league's players unless they were forced to do something. However, this time they's all in the APPA database and if they play both leagues ... well, it could get interesting.

Stay thirsty, my friends


anonachris said...

"A couple of things; one, I decided, due to my team affiliation, I had an obligation not to appear to be running down the league..."

Option 3, a phone call or an email from a nice person at the NPPL caused you to claim option 1 is your real reason for toning it down :)

Baca Loco said...

It would definitely have to be a phone call, anonachris. A lousy impersonal email ain't gonna do the trick. I'm not that easy.

Furby said...

Not what I've heard...

Baca Loco said...

A moment of weakness. Who could resist your sweater vest of hirsute majesty?