Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage

Days 59 - 62
A wire service headline caught my eye this morning. The Sri Lankan cricket team was attacked by gunmen in Pakistan. It attracted my attention because the Ironmen and various representatives of the PSP and Millennium Series are currently in Iran. While Iran isn't Pakistan it is a grim reminder there is big, often ugly, world out there where sports and athletes don't get a free pass. On the other hand I'm not particularly concerned--I don't even like the Ironmen all that much.

Word is the the agenda includes organizational meetings of the UPBF aimed at international recognition. Rumor has it Dye has a separate business opportunity it is pursuing and there has been some speculation the PSP is using the opportunity to seek backing from international sources.

Speaking of gossip and speculation it appears the routine gamut of rumor, gossip and speculation is being weaponized. Elements inside the USPL seem to think the PSP is using a campaign of rumor and innuendo to try and sabotage their efforts and I'm wondering if some of the weekend gossip is the result. In either case I don't know who is responsible or what is true but I do know that trying to undermine "the other guy", particularly in this uncertain time, is a fool's errand.

At 1 pm EST the USPL's Surf City Open had 84 teams registered and 26 paid. The cutoff date is March 25th and March 9th is the last day to pay before the entry prices goes up.

If you skipped yesterday's Baca's Blog piece at 68 Caliber you missed out on the thumping delivered to the mil-sim crowd. The only thing missing is some irate comments from frothing digital camo commandos as they spew Red Man all over their keyboards. Oh, well. Maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

And here I thought you'd do a write up on the inherent danger of "outlaw" woodsball games, or under-officiated scenario disasters(bonus ball much? Chrono at all?)....That's something that needs to be said.

Baca Loco said...

Put down the X7 and take a deep breath. One thing at a time. Has there ever been an adequately officiated scenario game and do the players really want that? I don't think so.

I do appreciate the suggestions though. Keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...

I just mean to say that I see those factors as being more potentially dangerous to the public perception of paintball than playing soldier. Everyone assumes that's what paintball is anyway. I'm typing this while holding onto the skid of a helicopter with one hand by the way.

anonachris said...

Nice try at inflating the size of your concerns Anony.

"The Senate will now convene its hearing on the excessive use of bonus balling in scenario paintball games and under use of a strange thing called a chrono..."


"The Senate will now convene its hearing on the nationwide restriction of all paintball gun sales following the death of little Joe Rogers who loved his Ak47 T98 to death and was in fact shot by the police..."

Yes, I can see how your scenario would be more dangerous to the public. :)

Anonymous said...

Psh, keep waiting for that to actually happen. Everyone knows that's a "possibility" just like it is with an airsoft gun, pellet gun, water gun, guy holding up his wallet, or jeez any actual gun that people buy on a daily basis. Knowing not to hold up a realistic(or not) looking "gun" when dealing with police should be considered common sense. What I'm saying is the stuff that brings negative press to paintball specifically on a regular basis is people getting their eyes shot out in the woods behind their house, or coming home from a scenario with bloody holes in their back from someone's co2 powered A-5 sans velocity screw. Just recently there was a hearing in CT because some kid got shot in the eye by a friend of his.