Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage: Weekly Update

Back with baited breath waiting for the possible big news? Yeah, well, not so much as it turns out. I've got a couple of things I'm biting my tongue on--maybe, just not today. Thursday. How 'bout Thursday? I can tell you if you were waiting to pay your entry on HB because you weren't really sure you can go ahead with confidence. The event is happening and HB is always a happening. Besides, registration is scheduled to close tomorrow. So, it's now or never, kids.

Speaking of the USPL there are (or, were, as of this morning) 92 teams paid including the Pros. And, as I said, registration is scheduled to close tomorrow--though, who knows, you might be able to slip in at the last, and past, minute. I heard a silly rumor this past weekend that Adrenaline Games had not made a field kit with the USPL's new jumbo U. I'm following up on that right now but I find it hard to believe and am only repeating it because it's so absurd you have to laugh.

Over in Euroland CPL registration is still 11 of 16. The SPL has bumped up to 24 of 32 and D1 has progress to 16 of 32 which still leaves it lagging substantially behind. If the numbers fail to improve within a couple of weeks the MS will be forced to consider damage control and alternatives to running locked divisions of 32. And this for their equivalent of HB.

PSP MAO registration is currently at 94 teams not counting the 13 Pro teams. Almost nobody has paid yet and the first deadline is next week, Monday, if I recall correctly. (And, hey, I sometimes do.) If MAO follows the Phoenix pattern numbers will be decent with a big late influx to result in a solid turnout. Who knows? Nobody. But we will see.

UPDATE: Okay, I can confirm the big "U" does exist and will be on display at HB. We've been simulating the "U" with a brick and two rockets (MT's) in practice so if there is a repeat of the customs delays that kept the half X's from making it to Phoenix there is an alternative. Just saying.


Fred said...

Actually, you don't need to pay to appear on the team list edited by the Millennium Board ...

I assume that some teams are affraid about the last event and still don't know if they have the funds to cover all the MS expenses.

Where the last event will be held ? That's THE question (who says Turkey ?)

Baca Loco said...

Thanks, Fred. But do teams in a locked division have to pay their licensing fee ahead of time?

Fred said...
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Fred said...

Well, from what I know in the SPL division - it must be the same for the CPL & D1 teams - you must pay the whole season at least one month before the season starts.

This year, the schedule was set as follow :
1st payment : November, 21st 2008
2nd payment : February, 27th 2009
3rd payment : March, 27th 2009

The team list on the MS website is not representative of the teams that have paid -or not - their leasing.