Friday, March 6, 2009

Enlistments for the Week

This week's recruits to the Deadbox Puppet Army (What is the DPA?) are Chris L., Matt Pelc, Steve Davidson and Greg Helms.

Chris L. is a certifiable paintball junkie desperately in need of the paintball equivalent of a methadone clinic. He runs a few competition teams out of the western Pennsylvania area.

Matt Pelc is a homeless baller from New Jersey. Normally, three strikes and you're out but the DPA turns no ballers away.

Steve Davidson is the living history of tourney paintball. Or a decently sized chunk of it, anyway. A founding member of the original NPPL and founder of the original USPL Steve can currently be found over at 68 Caliber and his paintblog, 68 Caliber 2.0

Greg, a Florida boy, joins us from within the long shadow of The House of the Mouse. Some say Obama is the Antichrist, some of us know it's really Mickey. Greg fights off ennui by competing in tournaments and working at one of the Orlando area's paintball fields.

Thank you all and welcome. Until next time.


Pelc said...

I have a home. The home is just real boring this season with no pro teams for this season.

Baca Loco said...

So you're saying you lied on your PBN account, Matt? I'm shocked.