Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mr. Curious

Mr. C is still curious about the possibility the PSP is planning on dropping the top ROF to 10.5 next season. So far not a peep from the PSP. (C'mon, Lane, you can tell me. Who would I tell?)

Mr. Curious is also disappointed in the lack of info from Kish Island regarding the UPBF. He was under the impression this was a big deal and an important step for paintball as sport and yet again--nary a peep from anybody. It's particularly odd as big time paintball has such a long and distinguished history of open communication and transparency.

Oh, and Mr. Curious would like everyone to know he is willing to part with some fat slices of sharp cheddar for a photo of Keely in a burkha. (Don't ask.)

Mr. Curious is also curious about Infamous and their game of musical rosters. The part that has piqued his interest is how all the roster hopping might be interpreted by the various rulebooks involved. Of course, the USPL doesn't have an official one yet (except the old NPPL one) but the PSP does and with the USPL using APPA all these roster changes should be reflected in the APPA database. Is there a potential conflict? What role do the shared sponsors have in all this? Mr. Curious needs to know. (See what happens when you're a no-life baller? It ain't pretty.)

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