Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekly Update: Major League Paintball Held Hostage

Registration for PSP's MAO just opened but the recent CFOA Race2 event (xball) drew 25 teams which seems like a pretty solid turnout.

The USPL is full speed ahead for their season launching Huntington Beach event the weekend of April 5th. When last checked--earlier today--54 teams were paid including the Pros. Today is deadline two with a price bump taking effect tomorrow so expect a jump today in those paid as they try and beat the price hike. Final registration deadline is March 25th so get signed up today.

Over in Euroland the Millennium Series is getting ready for their version of HB--Malaga Beach--scheduled towards the end of April. (I don't remember the exact dates and I'm not taking the time to look them up.) It is unclear to me but it seems that the MS expects teams to pay when they register so when a team is listed as registered for an event it also means they have paid. If this is correct (and I think it is) 11 of 16 are registered in the CPL while 22 of 32 are registered in the SPL. D1 continues to lag with only 13 of 32/35? registered. I make note of these in particular as these are the locked divisions and a failure to fill any of them is a more significant issue than in the open divisions. Also, I listed D1's total team numbers uncertainly as they carried extra teams last year that reffed so the full competitive bracket was 32 with 3 teams reffing each event--if I recall correctly.

Coming up this week (unless my ADHD gets the better of me--again) the second and final Iron Laws post, the next Field Design--Phoenix post and another installment of As The UCP Turns.


SSRoman said...

What's up with Field Breakdown? Or did the field break you down?

Baca Loco said...

No, it's a piece of cake since I did all the real work before the event. It's coming.