Monday, March 30, 2009

Paintball Stuff

Looking at the pro brackets for HB I'm waiting to see if X-Factor will be scheduled to play Infamous first. You know, with 3 X-Factor(?) players on Infamous ... Sister teams (or those with obvious ties) usually play first in order to keep everything on the up and up. Just saying.

There's a question and answer version of Burning Question(s) over at Baca's Blog on the Big Bullet. Remember, it's Monday!

This week before I head for HB (Thursday) I will post a long piece on the USPL. This way it can't influence any part of the event itself and I won't be influenced by anything that happens or doesn't happen. The two single most common reasons why new businesses fail is lack of capitalization and an inaccurate assessment of the target market. More soon.

UPDATE: PSP pro division Reserve Player rule released. [Quoted verbatim]
A. Each team is allowed to have 1 (one) player designated as the reserve player.
B. The reserve player must be on the roster prior to the start of the event.
C. The reserve player can only be used to replace an injured player.

1. A reserve player may only be utilized if an active player sustains an injury.
2. The reserve player may not replace an injured player during a match however, may replace the injured player in the teams next match.
3. If a team replaces the active roster player with the reserve player due to injury. The team must notify the commissioner and make the roster changes at registration.

D. Once a player is replaced due to injury by the reserve player, that player will not be able to play the remainder of that event.

1. The reserve player does not have to be classified as a pro player, unless they already are classified as such. The reserve player can have the classification of Semi-Pro or D-1.
2. A reserve player will receive the classification of “Pro” if he/she plays in more then 5 (five) matches during the season.
3. The reserve player may be on an active roster in a lower division, however must still be listed on the Pro roster prior to the event as the reserve player. Example: A team that has an affiliated team playing in a lower division may designate a player on that team as the Pro teams reserve player and can be called up during an event to replace an injured player. If that player is pulled off the lower division’s roster to play with the pro team, he/she can not go back to the lower division and play during that event.
4. The team will need to have the proper jersey (name, number & color) for the reserve player to wear if they should need to be used to replace an injured player.


retired pro said...

Honestly I think that rule sucks... Jeez it sounds good in theory when the PSP and paintball is a truly professional sport. Who in there right mind is going to wait and sit the bench until someone gets hurt and which teams can afford to have these type of players. Might as well look for a full time pit/player that a team can afford to bring and a player willing to ride the pine...

Baca Loco said...

No kidding, RP. First we are cut to 8 players to save us from ourselves and now we either get to carry another player we mostly can't ever use or we park a guy on another team--and isn't that lower div team just gonna love how that works out for them if we ever need the reserve player.
I sincerely don't know why everything has to be so convoluted.

theone said...

I had high hopes that PSP would change the rule considering what happened to the Damage players at the first event. But, apparently that's not going to happen. Why not just allow the roster to be expanded to 9 not 8 with an extra who can only play if someone's hurt. Who's going to be the guy who just sits there waiting to play a point and not be able to contribute in any other way? What team is going to have that extra player there just to screw up the lines not only in practice but also in the game situation? Bad idea there. Then I like the fact that the "sub" player can player on a lower division team but if they are needed they're taken off that team for the entirety of the event. I can see the lower division team being MORE than happy about losing a person of their roster because we can't just expand the pro rosters to 9. Why such an odd number to start with (8)? I am for the sport becoming "legitimate" but other "legitimate" sports DO have deep rosters to account for injuries because injuries happen.

anonchris said...

Eh, quite whining. Infamous won an event with 5 guys, you can do it with 8.

If you lose a few guys due to bad luck/injury that is what we in the trade like to call "bad luck". It happens.

While I don't care if there are 9 or 8 players and some point they got to say enough is enough.