Thursday, March 12, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage: Special Report

VFTD interrupts its regular posting schedule to bring you this special report. A purported press release from the Millennium--which is not posted on their official site at this time but can be seen here--fills in a few of the blanks supporters of the European league have been waiting to hear. Apparently the MS will go to a universal 10.5 ROF with the attendant claim the PSP will follow next season. The other items attracting VFTD's interest was the announcement that Disney Paris will be an "Open" event and the briefest of mentions regarding gun teching at vendor's booths.
ROF got my attention only because of the claim that the PSP would conform next year. Regulars will know that while I favor lower ROF in the lower divisions I do not favor it has a competitive standard. For more on that look here and here.
The gun teching item is interesting because it appears incomplete. At one point the MS was planning on holding the ability to tech guns hostage to the level of sponsorship a vendor opted for but this makes it sound as if they may have quietly backed away from that position. If you missed it first time around there's more here and here.
Making the Disney Paris event an "Open" event with unique brackets and scheduling and results kept separate from the Millennium Series title it would seem to be an invitation, at least in part, to U.S. Pro teams. If so I fear the timing will conspire against much U.S. Pro participation. Prior to the season my team management had discussed this possibility given our expectation of a reduced events season over here but ran afoul of the locked divisions. With this option opening the possibility again the MS has scheduled the event for the weekend following the Chicago PSP event which will, unfortunately, make it very difficult for most teams with the resources to consider coming over given issues like managing player schedules and practice. C'est la vie!

In other news Paintball X3 is reporting that Gino Postorivo, formerly of NPS, will soon be returning to PBIndustry having fulfilled the obligations of his non-compete. While it is understandable that X3 is viewing this in a positive light VFTD thinks it's a bit premature. Among other things, NPS introduced the practice of discount online sales that undercut the profit margins of their own dealers network. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the industry responds.

VFTD now returns you to your (kinda) regularly scheduled postings. Coming up it the queue are the final installment of the PSP vs. AXBL series, the next posts in the Iron Laws and Field Design series as well as Notes on the UCP. I should get at least one of those out tonight sometime.


Anonymous said...

you ended with psp vs axbl. why dont you ask the players? thats who really counts. 99% of axbl bad mouthing has been non axbl players.

raehl said...

It would seem fairly unsurprising that if you have activities A and B, you would find that participants in Activity A will say activity A is better than activity B, and participants in Activity B will say that Activity B is better than Activity A.

Baca Loco said...

You are both still hung up on the posts as if it were a competition--which it never was. I think y'all will be surprised at how it turns out.