Thursday, October 16, 2008

Brother, can you spare the time?

To offer up a little feedback. Lately (among lots of other things) I've been thinking about putting together a different sort of clinic. The norm is aimed at helping players improve their individual game and isn't all that hard to do. What I have in mind is aimed at teams. It wouldn't ignore the individual but it would focus on the team dynamic. Both laying a foundation for building a positive team environment while teaching some advanced principles and also directly assessing each specific team's needs and addressing those as part of the process. The downside here is that organizing would require a whole team's commitment and would also be limited to two teams (at most) at a time. (Which impacts the cost.) If done correctly however it would prove to be a very effective shortcut for intermediate and above teams--particularly those that have plateaued and don't seem to able to improve any more on their own.
Here's where you come in. Commenting on this post poses no risk at all and, who knows, might someday even be to your benefit.
My question to y'all is what do you think of the idea--and how open do you think dedicated teams might be to the idea?
(Leaving out for the time being my actual fitness to accomplish this particular goal. Which isn't irrelevant but I do have a modest record of some success in this area.)


Josh S. said...

I think the cost would be the deciding factor among teams. What figure are you thinking about?

j stein said...

I was asked to look into running a team management clinic for owners/captains. I did and determiend that no one other than the person asking would come if it cost anything and only a few people would come if it was free.

Hurricanes have gone to team practices to give private lessons. They can make a few hundred dollars, but not enough to attract my attention (as in, it wouldn't be worth it to make it a team sponsored event).

Baca Loco said...

Not really sure. I was mostly thinking of it in terms of making better teams. I posed the query 'cus I was (and am) inclined to think it unlikely to find a receptive audience. Which seems in line with Jeff's view.

Not quite the same thing but I take your point and it doesn't surprise me.

Thanks, guys.

OA said...

Not sure anybody can afford that type of consultation right now. But, just because the demographic might be small, doesn't make it impossible.