Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rule of the Game

Baca's Rule #3: Players cheat. Enough with the tantrums, stomping your feet and balling up your fists when you're whining to the refs about the other guy cheating you. Get over it. You cheat too. I know you cheat and you know you cheat so shut up. What you really want is refs who are only good enough to catch the other guy. If there's anything worse than a cheater it's a hypocritical whiny little bitch.


Anonymous said...

I lol'd. How true that is. Thanks for posting it. Good articles BTW. Nice to see you writing again.


Baca Loco said...

Thanks, Whale. Don't be a stranger. I expect I'll see you in SD.

Anonymous said...

actually, it's unlikely you'll see me in SD or any other event for that matter. The league hasn't made any real effort to improve the reffing so it's not worth it for me any more. I'm tired of the BS, tired of the attitudes and, most of all, tired of getting attitude from guys who took one training class and think they know it all.

Good luck to you and your guys in SD.


Joran said...

Nice. Let's hope the day will come.