Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cross Polination

Over at PB Nation. A View reader made an effort to start an intelligent conversation in the PSP forum beginning with his take on some of the stuff he's seen here at the View. It more or less degenerated into a debate over the merits of sideline coaching with the typical 20/80 ratio of reasonable comments to brain dead gibberish. Let that be a lesson to all y'all.
While I applaud the effort and certainly don't mind the collateral promotion one of the reasons for starting this blog in particular was to offer a forum where intelligent conversation and debate is actually welcomed and not shouted down by the mob. (Doesn't mean there won't be any disagreement--there ought to be disagreements but ones conducted in a productive manner.) I know perfectly well why some you are reticent to post but this blog won't and can't fulfill its intended purpose if'n y'all are skeered to post even as anonymous.

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