Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Econometric of the Commons: Sign Posts

Part Four of a four part series. Has a certain symmetry, doesn't it? And yes, I'm just filling some space. You see, there's plenty more to be said on this topic but I'm losing interest. Like the rest of you. Besides, PBIndustry(?) has got the PSTA up and, hmm, running? So there's a start.
Instead of doing a recap and an outline for laying a foundation–-which was the original plan–-I'm simply gonna suggest a few sign posts for PBI to consider keeping in mind as the process moves forward. What should happen and what should the development of the PSTA look like if it's on track? (And by 'on track' I'm taking some liberties since I mean on track as I think it ought to be. You may, of course, have a different opinion. Which is, as has already been established in the sidebar of this blog, a position you may want to reconsider.)

Signs Your Industry Trade Assoc. May Actually Serve Your Whole Industry
1. trade assoc. has a defined and enumerated mission statement and/or purpose
2. operation and function of the trade assoc. is transparent (and I don't mean invisible.)
3. open to all legitimate members of the industry
4. provides an opportunity and methodology to give voice to all the members
5. actions taken / choices made are consistent with the association's charter / mission / purpose

Right. That'll get the party started. And by all means, if you've got any additional ideas, feel free to post 'em up in comments.

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