Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm not a seismologist

but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. (I'm working on a new kind of blog ad here. Kinda like product placement in movies and on TV. No ugly sidebar click ads, just unobtrusive mentions in the blog content. Pretty slick, huh?)
Didn't watch the presidential debate. Didn't need to. It's the Commie or the Crank. And they call this democracy? On the other hand there is a silver lining to the current economic crisis. Whoever gets elected is gonna be severely constrained in the amount of additional damage they can do. That's today's happy thought. And, no, it's not off topic 'cus I'm gonna tie it all in to paintball.
The experts in Washington (who bear a remarkable resemblance to the cretins responsible for the credit crisis) have assured us that a 700 billion dollar infusion of liquidity into the market will get the wheels of industry rolling again. Yeah, right.
The whispered word from a smoke filled windowless room in the aforementioned Holiday Inn Express (cha-ching!) is Paintball could be facing its own liquidity issue, as in paint. It's said the margins are so small these days and with costs everywhere in the system fluctuating almost daily and the dollar in the dumper it's putting a major squeeze on the manufacturers. Are we due for more consolidation in paint production? How do you feel about shooting Chinese paint? (And did you know the subject of Chinese paint makes peeps in some sectors seethe with rage? It does.)
If you're disappointed in the lack of details keep in mind paint is the life blood of the game and its availability, price and quality have a big impact. Paint is the canary in the coal mine of paintball fitness. (Wow! That metaphor made even me cringe.)

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Anonymous said...

Of course Chinese paint ticks people off. These people are a) ignorant shite kickers or b) paintball manufacturers in North Am. or, most likely, c) all of the above.

Encapsulators need to rent buildings in Mexico, shut down shop in the US and Can and start competing in the global marketplace....or, get run out of business by Chinese Paint.

Cheaper prices helps the medicine go down...and sales go up.