Tuesday, October 14, 2008

PSP Webshow

Pspevents.com added an intriguing tease today promoting the upcoming webshow with an audio snippet that plays when the site first comes up. It's brief, it's atypical (for paintball) and it's great. A timely reminder that Pat has been the creative lead in much of the very best of paintball on film and that Matty is the undisputed voice of paintball. Cheerleader is not my usual role, nor is it one I'm particularly comfortable with but to be honest I'm more than a little concerned for (at a minimum) the short-term future of competitive paintball. That, and I'm reminded how easily those of us involved in big ways and small with the traveling circus that is Paintball on and off the field settle for good enough. And then decry the latest setback. Good enough is never good enough.

Update: turns out the audio piece is likely part of a video trailer that will be posted sometime today on the PSP website. Check it out.

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