Wednesday, October 1, 2008

World Cup NXL fields

Been doing my due diligence to get ready for practice this weekend and I've got a lot of work to do. These layouts have some exploitable characteristics that should be a lot of fun for the players. Unfortunately, the round 2&3 layout will play slower than the round 1 field. This coming weekend is our only one before Cup not scrimmaging other teams and the kids are gonna have to get certain features down and then we're gonna have to either disguise some of the stuff we're doing or not implement it the same way we plan for the event or not use some of it at all. Almost everybody in the NXL these days pays attention and does their scouting. And that includes practice. Gonna be a long weekend so don't expect any posting Saturday or Sunday.

Just got a look at the finals & divisional field layout and my first impression is that the round 1 field should have been the finals and divisional field. The reason is the round 1 field is almost certainly the easiest field to play in the sense it has most of the traditional xball features and the least demanding bunker placement which I think make it a better divisional layout though perhaps not ideal for an NXL final. The other two fields are deconstruction / reconstructions of that layout--or so it appears to me. It may not really matter as divisional teams are likely to simply ignore some of the complexities and just play the damn field.
Just an observation--not taking a shot. Overall, a solid progressive design.

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