Friday, October 3, 2008


I have succumbed to the temptation of the so-called follower link. (SEE: We're All Meeting at Waffle House)
The result is located just above the Archives well down the sidebar and as you can see I still reject "follower" so in it's place I've created the far more moderate and lovably ironic Deadbox Puppet Army. One good thing about it is that it's also a link to info about the member(s) which is a tasty bite of technological sweetness that only required a couple of mouse clicks. [Check out Numero Uno, the soldier of misfortune, PBAgenda.] While there will be no followers here there really won't be much of an army either. The Deadbox Puppet Army is for those of you who have a hard time following orders. Who have the urge to bite the hand that feeds you. Who aren't big on fads or fashion and who find the myriad of other paintball armies just a little bit sad. (No, kids, not your paintball army--those other guys paintball armies.)
No followers. No puppets. No army. Fans of the View, awesome. If that's you then you're welcome to join the fanarchy.


Brazillian Guy said...

Just found your blog from diggin´ pb info out of google.

That interview just gave me the creep. I´m from Brazil and i´m a rookie trying to get competitive against some other amateur teams till the end of the year.

The cenario here is quite restricted when it comes to speedball. Hope you keep this info up, its more important then u think. I´m just trying to realize why u´re so defensive on your profile (self-description) when in the end you´re really trying to make some noise on the right direction here.

Ill keep in touch.


Ps:. Sorry bout the english if its not 100%.

Baca Loco said...

No worries, BG. After wading thru PBN now and again I find your English to be excellent. Drop by any time.
Regarding the "interview" it's worth keeping in mind it reflects an aspect of the paintball life but shouldn't be viewed as a definitive statement.
As to the lack of an upfront identity I'm not being defensive at all. Perhaps it doesn't translate well. I'm actually not even being particularly secretive. Brazilian Guy. I guess that must be your "real" name. ;-)