Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rule of the Game

Baca's Rule #7: If you routinely dish out bonusballs quit squealing like a schoolgirl when you are on the receiving end. It's unmanly and pathetic. (Unless you happen to be a schoolgirl in which case it's okay. And could you post it on You Tube? Thanks.)


Josh S. said...

I agree completely.
I always see people bonus balling and then I'll see them later on in the day getting pissed and throwing the finger or cussing at someone who did the exact same thing.
I will shoot the piss out of someone after they get out and if they do it back to me I do not care, its part of the game and people need to realize that.

Baca Loco said...

Yeah, Josh, but don't lose focus on what's important; squealing schoolgirls.

Josh S. said...

Oh don't worry, squealing schoolgirls are always on my mind.

LW said...

I can vouch for Josh. He's not lying. He always does that. it's a high pitched squeal too. He could care less who's in the hotel room next door either.


Josh S. said...

And thats the TROOF!