Sunday, December 7, 2008

Addendum to Limbo & the Minefield

Couple of additional thoughts on yesterday's post--and no, this doesn't count as an all new post (it's an addendum) so 'New Look Pro' will (still) be the next new post. That is the official VFTD rationalization and I'm sticking with it.
While I think the MS is flirting with having a league that nobody shows up for if they follow through with the new gun sponsor restrictions (particularly in a worsening economic climate) I can see why the big manufacturers might consider it a bargain. If the price is a barrier to other gun makers then the cost/benefit works in two ways. One, it clears the field of competitors (for sales and promotion) and Two, it retains the traditional promotional value (potentially enhanced by the TV show). One not-so-secret characteristic of the leaders of PBIndustry is they don't actually want competition (which makes them just like every other industry leader.)
Final Thought--Will Ford, GM & Chrysler be paying NASCAR the old going rate next year for the "privilege" of having their brands compete?

Despite the changes made last off season by the PSP there was an attitude that in some respects dismissed the loss of pro teams because there were others waiting to fill in for them. With all the pro teams at loose ends this off season will that attitude carry over? After all, it worked out so well last year. It was considered a 'realistic' approach to the hard facts of life. Fair enough but can THE national league promoting a world competition standard survive and succeed without a functional pro division? It ain't clear to me that they understand that this is what they are flirting with.

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