Thursday, December 18, 2008


My friends, and I call you my friends in order to lull you into a sense of false security so that I can take advantage of you. (No, not like that, you pervert.) In fact until I figure out how to use this manipulative power over the internet y'all are safe. Or are you?
When I started VFTD as a blog it never occurred to me to see what, if anything, other paintball bloggers were doing. In fact, it never occurred to me there were other paintball bloggers. (You might be a raging narcissist if the mere existence of other like-minded peeps never entered your mind.) In my defense I never conceived of this blog as being topic driven (even though it is) or in competition for an audience either. Mostly I wanted a place to keep doing what I've been doing for a few years now.
Anyway, enough about you, what about me?
Lately however I've been beat about the head and shoulders (figuratively of course) by all the paintball blogs springing up like mushrooms in a Mississippi basement--or at least coming to my attention--and I've decided to do something about it.
All of that was preamble to putting up a blog roll in the sidebar below the Dead Tree Archive. (What you've just read is a classic example of a big build up that fails to deliver when you find out what it's all about. Life is filled with disappointments.) I'll also be adding a sites of interest roll though I can't help but assume y'all won't see much of anything new in the list. Regarding the blog roll--it will be fairly strictly limited to actual blogs but otherwise I won't discriminate by type of paintball blog. The ones I read will be at the top of the list. [UPDATE: Not so much as it turns out. The gadget doesn't allow me to set it up that way. Instead it will cycle blogs by the most recently updated.] Blogs belonging to the DPA will also be listed and if anyone else would like theirs included just drop me a line with the site addy and I'll put it up. I'm sure it's not a big deal but I'm curious to see what happens.
Regarding sites of interest they will not, except in the broadest sense, include commercial sites. I'm thinking more along the lines of forums, news and information sites.
If I ever include commercial sites I will do it the American way and charge them for advertising.

Coming whenever I get around to it; Robots vs. Ninjas, part 2 & Restructuring the Local Tournament. Along with responses to the coming PSP announcements and whatever nonsense the MS is spouting next. In case anyone was wondering VFTD will remain a Shawn Walker free zone so don't expect any future comments. I'm not trying to be even-handed or open-minded, I just don't care.
Till next time keep an eye out for the blog roll as I'm very nearly computer literate and internet ready.


chad said...

excellent. information (knowledge) is power!

Alan said...

thank you for adding me. I am by no means a writer, but if you want to laugh at the past his prime old guy rambling on almost incoherently about something he loves while it passes him by
feel free to stop in from time to time.

All joking aside if you don't mind, I will ad a similar list over at life behind lenses, I think a lot of these blogs are a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Great Idea! My Blog Covers mostly the Michigan paintball scene, but I do a weekly tip series. Have done everyone from conditioning, snake tips, snap shooting drills etc. Check it Out!