Monday, December 22, 2008


Hit the cyberstands today. If you haven't subscribed there is no time like right NOW to hit the title link and get it done. The price is right for the average baller too--it's FREE! So give yourself a gift this holiday season, one that will keep on giving throughout the year. And check out my modest contribution and let me know what you think. Am I a hater, or what?


chad said...

I think that it just goes to prove that everyone in paintball is a "hater"... not just you. (:

the game is inherently malicious, even if you aren't. because paintballs hurt. I'm pretty sure the new lower ROF will be a step forward in that regard, twords a less "mean" game.

Baca Loco said...

Is football, wrestling or tae kwon do malicious? They can be painful too and are almost certainly statistically more dangerous. Is it possible the game loses something if it doesn't hurt?

chad said...

how many ladies play football, wrestle, or tae kwon dizzle? maybe some girls tae kwon do, but only because it's less physical impact and contact than football or wrestling. at least, that would make sense.

If we take the "pain" out of pain-tball, it becomes less of a "masculine-only" sport. I'd say that the game isn't losing something by losing pain, but rather gaining players. It probably becomes (a million times more)unisex. if paintballs didn't hurt, I could see girlfriends, friends that are girls, and moms out playing and having fun. Without pain, paintball becomes similar to something like bowling - I can take my girlfriend(s) out and just have fun and everyone can have a good time.

in another respect, can you "take" your family to play football (unless you want your mom being tackled by the high school group that plays after school)? can you take them wrestling? hell no, wrestling is "competitive" only. can you take them tae-kwon-doing? nope, at least, that doesn't sound like fun. all of those are pretty much for serious patrons only. paintball is in a great position in that it can be played both seriously and causally. like I can go bowling just for fun, even if I suck. I don't have to enter a league or a tournament. in the same regard a family can go play paintball recreationally and have a grand ol' time. the reality is the fear of being hit for women/others never really went away. I know about a million girls who would never play because they don't want to get shot (hurt) (bruised).

so, let's get on that magic paintball!

we don't have a magic painless paintball, but we can shoot slower (less). I can see that as a step at lowering the male-only domination of paintball and entering new players who may now be less timid.

Baca Loco said...

You might want to check the subtitle of this blog, Chad. ;-)

chad said...

haha ok you got me