Friday, December 12, 2008

They Don't Call It the World Wide Web for Nothing

A merry VFTD welcome to Goose from Venezuela. When you guys fly south for the winter you fly south for the winter! Get it? Goose? Flying south? Yeah, it was kinda weak--alright, it was seriously lame--but it's been a long week so cut me some slack.

UPDATE: Allo Fred. Our first French recruit.
Do you know Alex Lundquist? Fred. Alex. Alex. Fred. Perhaps you guys could compare head shots.


goose.vzla said...
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goose.vzla said...

Thanks man.
Great job here. Im always reading and comunicating to the people down there everything thats going on in the pb scene with by blog.

I moved to South Florida last year with the hope of better job and a shot at playing a lot more painbtall.

Keep it up

Fred said...

Hi there,

I never met Alex. I assumed that the comparison is pretty cool from my side.

I'll keep reading your blog, you're doing a fantastic job: instructive and entertaining. Thanks

Anonymous said...

SAlut fred, moi aussi je regarde ce blog mais jusqu'ici sans commentaires...


LEON said...

Salut les frenchies,
Ca m'arrive aussi de faire un tour sur ce blog quand j'ai 2 minutes (ou plus...) au boulot ;-)
Hervé - Meteor/Phenix