Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Army Goes Galactic

Klaatu Barada Niktoe. Greetings to our first extraterrestrial member, Uatu, the Watcher, who joins us from the Marvel Comic Universe. Not to worry, we won't expect too many comments.

UPDATE: Unlike Uatu Cole has his feet firmly on terra firma. Welcome. Who knows when the VFTD will be in need of legal representation. Do they have summer session?

THIS JUST IN: Beherit enlists and the VFTD forms a new battalion, the metal militia. Thrashing is acceptable but electronika will not be permitted. And just so we're clear--no black blood oath required.


Uatu said...

Greetings humans, I am the Watcher. It is my mission and duty to observe the events on your planet and record them for the next generations.

You should only see me during times of great change and upheaval.

Such a time is now.

Beherit said...

Greetings to all paintball community. Thank you for being here. And wish you all the best in live :)