Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Goulash Thickens & Other Miscellany

Ever heard of the Centurio Series or the European Central Series? If not it doesn't matter. (They were two, mostly eastern European paintball series with vague pretensions of competing with the Millennium Series.) It doesn't matter because now they are one larger series, the European Paintball Championship's Grand Tour, still predominantly in eastern Europe, directly challenging the Millennium Series in a number of fascinating ways. It appears they will be organizing their new league(s) in a manner consistent with the Pro Circuit concept with regional conferences for divisional play and an all-inclusive season ending Grand Tour Cup event. The challenge to the MS is the EPC's announced goal of creating a pro division and competing using the xball lite format just like the MS. If the EPC can build some sponsor support and entice a few established pro teams to compete they could, in fairly short order, pose a real threat to the MS's European dominance.
I wonder what the chances are the Russian Legion competes in the new league? And is Moscow Caste selling their Millennium spot in order to switch?

I have come to the conclusion that certain elements of the PSP occasionally tell me things as a form of retribution. I should have thought of this a long time ago as it's what I would do in their place. The upshot is VFTD is unlikely to "break" any shocking big time tourney news so if you've been expecting something, anything any moment now--stop. Just knock it off. There is however mounting pressure to finalize decisions and make announcements (or should that be pronouncements?) as the unofficially not-yet-announced first event will only be six or seven weeks out at around the first of the new year. So it really won't be long now--or else.
Last order of business before finishing up Christmas shopping--my own personal annual nightmare--(What do you mean you can't think of anything you really want? But I'm supposed to know what to get you even when you're clueless? Umm, no, I can't think of anything I really want either) is to note the inclusion into the blogroll of Jason Lineberger's Strictly Scenario and Chris Remuzzi's Chronicles of Muzz. Also, VFTD welcomes Mach as the newest member of the DPA. Postulating that Mach is attending (or recently attended) Michigan State I'm typing very slowly. Hey, Mach is the El Azteca still there just off campus? Hmmm, cheese dip. Oh yeah, and look for Mach's paintblog, 'Paintball in Michigan' in the blog roll.
Robots vs. Ninjas, Part 2 will be posted later today. I give and I give and it's never enough, is it?


Fred said...

About the EPC thing I strongly believe that teams engaged actually in the MS will switch. Not the big guys but the true customers, you know the D2, D3 teams. Perhaps some D1 teams will try to join the EPC but not this year, they have already paid for the 2009 season.

More and more western european players are engaged in the Centurio Circuit. For each tourney, they're back with positives feedbacks: lower prices, nice venue, great atmosphere between players and teams, etc ... These comments are attracting more and more people on the paintball boards. I'll give it a try this year too.

Baca Loco said...

I think that's right, Fred. But I also think the EPC will make a concerted effort to attract whatever pro interest they can.
If you do attend an event or two this year over there I'd be interested in hearing about it.