Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Return of Mr. Curious

Having spoken recently with VFTD's eastern European correspondent I find myself in the awkward position of not having a definite opinion. While our correspondent defaults to the rational explanation--"that doesn't make sense because ..."--I tend to default in the direction of pride, avarice and the irrational when trying to understand what's going on. Ask yourself how many decisions you are aware of in paintball's history that have been made on a purely rational basis? I rest my case.
The bone of contention has to do with the intentions of the new European Paintball Championship (formerly the Centurio & European Central Series). I suggested the new series presented a challenge to the MS and our correspondent didn't think so. (I didn't say it presented a threat but who knows?) His reasons are as follows: travel distances are too far for most western Eurokids. The potential for visa and border issues in some places is a negative. Costs other than entries unlikely to be much different. Scale, professionalism and support of events not on a par with MS. The principle agents behind much of the ECS in the past were/are regional reps for one of the big PBIndustry players. And lastly our correspondent says that Eurorefs is the group the MS uses under the leadership of Ulrich Stahr (one of the only men in Europe with a worse reputation than George W. Bush--or so it's said.)
It's hard not to take his point of view seriously and I do but that's not nearly as much fun as fomenting some chaos or watching a clash of would-be titans. Oh, well.
The alternative theory then becomes that the EPC is positioning itself to control Eastern Europe, cooperate in some respects and align its format, etc. in such a way as to be a viable future party to this mythical New World Odor, er, Order. Which makes perfectly good sense. But doesn't mean it's correct.
So what is the real deal? Mr. Curious needs to know. Will the EPC draw off MS teams even if it isn't trying to? Where will they come from? Does the EPC have any behind the scenes industry sanction? To do what? How will their events turn out?
Help Mr. Curious out. Drop me a line or post a comment.

For all the American readers who feel cheated: I know, you've just wasted a minute of your life--or in some cases 5 or 10 minutes. (Yeah, I saw your lips moving.) Stay in school, kids. And try to remember there's a big wide world out there full of paintball that doesn't revolve around your whining about the uncertain future ROF for a league you've never played before. Or something like that.

About the whole New World Odor thing, it was just a childish joke. It had absolutely nothing to do with my aversion to centralized authority or my mistrust of those in power. Honest. Just a joke.


Anonymous said...

I read the whole article. .and seriously man I’m gonna have to take issue with the 'lips moving' while you read part. Don’t discourage that its akin to reading in an undertone . . .wait is that all I have to say?
oh yeah, well here is a story that hits closer to home for the 'american readers' and has a strangely similar feel. The brand new shiny, updated, upgraded, inflatable tires, reflective mirrors, see in see out glass NPPL possibility.
i have a few points id like to address but i will acquiesce. . awaiting your article.(besmart)

Baca Loco said...

Does somebody need a hug? C'mon, besmart. Context is everything. The target was set-up by identifying Americans who felt cheated by my not catering to them. In truth I suspect the great majority of readers here have very little beyond paintball in common with that sort.

I'll have something on the 7-man coming soon. It's a topic sure to generate some heat.

Anonymous said...

no hug needed, that was tongue in cheek. looking forward to the seven man article. . it should make out like the relegation responses.