Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MS Gun Sponsorship Update

Despite the Laurent Hamet presser referred to in the last post Planet owner Ledz categorically denies they have agreed to this deal over at P8ntballer. You may also review an English language translation of the press release in question in the same thread.

So let me see if I understand what's going on. Last year the Mil pushed gun sponsors to upgrade their sponsorship in order to provide sanctioned tech support meanwhile the Mil was unable to police their own events for peeps violating those rules so now they want more money from sponsors to continue NOT doing what they've promised to provide. Next the MS will be sending out emails warning potential sponsors their booths could catch fire or be robbed during an event unless they fork over an extra insurance premium. That's the way a protection racket works, right?

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Mark790.06 said...

Hmmm, something rings familiar with this and it took a few to remember what it was......The NXL exclusive player clause or whatever they called it. Funny thing is I was thinking back to how Open X-Ball and even Semi-Pro 10-man were drawing more crowds than NXL games when it hit me.
It's one thing to make a players comply with some draconian messures, entirely another to do the same to PBIndustry peeps.
Man! I haven't been to P8ntballer in over a year. Thought they went the way of their mag. Couldn't believe it! I was still logged in!