Monday, December 15, 2008

Comic Stylings from the MS

Hit the title link to check out the official statement. It's a bit thin on content but makes up for it by being long and boring.
The following is my translation from Milspeak into English. (The first two paragraphs nearly had me weeping with gratitude but I got over it.)
1: We can't keep delivering quality events without more sponsor cash and if we're gonna bring in some big money outside sponsors we have to maintain our current level of professionalism. And, oh yeah, this is gonna be good for everybody. We'll tell you how later.
2: The purpose of the MS has always been to attract new players and promote the success of the industry. No, really.
3: Look, either we soak the sponsors for more or we're gonna raise prices on you players. But less money means we can't get those outside sponsors. Uh, for you. Yeah.
4: Our sponsors have been paying all along while others have taken advantage by using the MS to promote their stuff. (VFTD: I'd really like to know how that worked. And just how the new sponsorship demands will change that.) Times are tough and we need the money.
5: The info out there is basically correct.
6: We are working the carrot and the stick to make this happen. Hey, it's a bargain. We wave the TV show under your nose hoping you don't remember how successful past TV efforts have been while threatening to lock out your sponsored teams if you don't play ball. And all we really need is for a couple of big players to go for it and the rest of you will follow like sheep terrified of being left behind.
7: we'd like to thank the sponsors that pay up and encourage you to buy from them.
8: we're not going after other items of gear right now so it's all good.
9: when we said everyone was on board we meant that not very many sponsors are openly refusing--yet.
10: Don't worry, be happy.

No need to thank me. I'm always happy to help out.

UPDATE: MS website has been down for a few hours on the 15th and carrying into the 16th. No idea why but if anything changes from the original Mil posting I'll let you know as soon as the site is accessible again.

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