Monday, December 15, 2008

Big Guns Are Rolling In

Now we're talking. The army gets some artillery. A crisp VFTD salute to the mysterious "manufacturer." I know I've seen that logo someplace. It's on the tip of my tongue--no, wait, don't tell me--I'll get it. Hi, (for the sake of anonymity let's say) John.


manufacturer said...


I am shocked you think John actually knows how to use the internet :). Love the blog been reading since you started.


Baca Loco said...

My bad, Ryan. Shoulda known better. Thanks.

OA said...

Now that you have the audience of a true blue manufacturer, pherhaps it would be a good time to talk about who is viable in paintball's future and who is not concerning equipment.

I knows said...


A Real Player said...

I think manufacturers should be more focused on getting new players into the sport in the right way. Not throwing them to the wolves on an airball field. We all started playing becuase of what we thought paintball was not what it really is. If people can deliver on that i can see people coming back. The trick is to make it affordable while still making a profit. I think certain people are realizing it, but the ones who do sooner will have a better grasp of the industry.

manufacturer said...

I can honestly say that most manufacturers are putting a good amount of there attention on getting new players involved in the sport as well as pushing an effort for field owners to sell an experience not just an entry fee for a airball field. Now I think most have jumped on a little late but as long as the mindset keeps shifting good will come out of it.

I think the PSTA and its efforts will help in this category tremendously. Most manufacturers have embraced it with open arms and there are a lot of good ideas being thrown around right now. Now they need to finalize there objectives and implement. We will see..... but I personally have high hopes for this organization and its goals.

Anonymous said...

hey there, long time reader first time caller lol. John and I since day one have been trying to get on the PSTA for the pas 23 months since its inception with no avail. I dont want to believe its another elite industry crew like the kings at the round table. I am however keeping one eye open on the industry that makes good in what they say and what they should say:
More paintball to the masses = more new industry to paintball.
Stop the fighting!
T.V. equals more sales? our demographic is from the young and old. We just need them to be happy with paintball and keep playing and letting them know its better than any sport we encounter. T.V. will do itself later.
The primary reason we are not as big is because how industry is controlled by so very few. Us "bottom dwellers" are making an effort to play along side them but when do we realize we can be better than that.
To the player: play for glory and fame is the only idea you need. Money and fortune is not here in the tourneys. If you win, you are just locked in to play more paintball... as you should. Ask a pro how much he makes and tell me he does not have a job too. Just like soccer and softball leagues, try maintain this order then we can see more professionalism as we grow. Now we got tourneys filling up voids.. what we need is sanctioning and governing so we are accurate and concise with all groups so we can all honor it like a sanctioned event.

Baca Loco said...

Hey Chris
Maybe you ought to do a regular update on the PSTA over at the Agenda. What do you think?
Fingers crossed they get it right but I know a few small industry guys haven't gotten the time of day last I heard.

PB AGENDA is: the Contract Killer, Soldier of Misfortune, The dreamer, The man on the Field, The office, The dirt, The show, The fight, The heart, The reject, The loyalist, The angry, The insider said...

Yea I should, I have spoken to Jack from Eclipse and he told how great and wonderful it is to help industry growth, store support and all that. But I asked him again... Why am I not involved. And why are other voices not heard. In fact, why do we not hear from such a program in news and its effectiveness and its future endeavors? Its kept quiet is my understanding.We are kept in the dark till they come out of their hole and tell them this is how paintball should be ran. Its funny that all the facts are there in the site, but whenever I type "paintball" my preview text reminds me its not a real word. We should do a .60 ball in the heavier class and call it "OURBALL." Let the "others" get involved in it and dictate our own destiny. Well then maybe our voices are heard. There is little or no situations in airsoft and they multiply like gremlins. They have their own code and rules and remain thriving without situation. I know very little of it but what I do know is that when I go to a pball shop with airsoft and ask sales what the latest bs in airsoft... they say nothing.

manufacturer said...


Why dont you shoot me an email and I will see if there is someone I can get you in contact with.

Ryan Bosch

PB AGENDA is: the Contract Killer, Soldier of Misfortune, The dreamer, The man on the Field, The office, The dirt, The show, The fight, The heart, The reject, The loyalist, The angry, The insider said...

So I emailed good ol' bosche, and the PSTA... (crickets....)

manufacturer said...

I sent you over all the info I had Chris. If you dont hear back after the holidays let me know and I will see what I can do. Will Contract Killer be at the Paintball Extraveganza?