Monday, December 1, 2008

Pacific Pulls Plug

Bad news: one less national paintball league.
Good news: everybody who wanted one league only got their wish. Albeit, not quite the way they had hoped for.
What inquiring minds really want to know: What's next for Pony? Is it back to the outrageous party-go-round that is Denver? Say it isn't so.

On a more sober note: there were dedicated and sincere people who worked for the NPPL over the years and made a large contribution to its successes and the pleasure those of us who competed enjoyed. Thank you all.


Martin said...

The question is now: With there being one viable league in place (well, at least still trading) ... will they make changes to the format to make it more affordable for the masses - or now that they are the only game in town will nothing change?

Baca Loco said...

This falls into the category of be careful what you wish for. Changes will be made during the Vegas meetings. Some of them will be aimed at your stated concerns. Whether they hit their mark or not, we'll see.

dale said...

So what's the potential New World Order that comes out of this bombshell?

nando said...

Perhaps someone will swoop in and buy nppl for pennies on the dollar?

Baca Loco said...

Same as it was gonna be anyway, Dale. NPPL was talking with PSP about integrating when all this went down. Which makes the timing of the collapse mighty intriguing, if nothing else. Otherwise xball ain't going away--unlike 7-man. In the short term the NWO will likely appear to be a watery pottage of xball lite with some added 5-man options all given the handshake imprimatur of the PSP & MS. One only hopes they won't kill the pro game in their efforts to "save" it.

Possibly, nando. In the national/international scheme of things the brand has potential value.

I wonder if anyone spoke to Activision about "sponsoring" the league? I'm sure they must have.

Mark790.06 said...

I was getting tired of wading thru the forums looking for that 1 post in 50 that were of some intellectual value, when it occurred to me to just join in here.

My 2 cents on any changes by the PSP is grounded in the belief that they need 2009 to ensure a 2010 so don't do anything too crazy.

Lawrence said...

yeah with the state of everything i wouldnt expect to see anything too rash, the numbers for the PSP were up this years so hopefully they'll continue to do what they do and only worry about that (hosting good events) -- however, i think itll be interesting to see if they pick up on some of the locations that the NPPL had...the beach comes to mind.

MaShadow said...

so what hapens to pro teams like XSV? (not sure if any teams are in the same boat as XSV) Pro team in NPPL and nothing NXL? Anyone know anything on what they'll do? suggestions? So is XSV not pro anymore? because the league they were pro in is gone?

BobCat said...

I think we will see the PSP bring back Open. If I had a "Pro" team that was NPPL only, I would not be in a rush to jump into the NXL. Fees are high, tourneys are long and it is really a 3 dog show.
I don't see them opening the NXL again, 2006 style, and it working out any better.

Hippo said...

So Dynasty managed to win the Series Championship every single year the NPPL S7 Series existed.

That's kinda cool.

Any thoughts on the PSP buying the NPPL name back?

Chris said...

Hippo it would have been cooler if the S7 made it to Y7.

Chris said...

And if the PSP bought the NPPL, it would be the ultimate kick in the balls to pay money for something that was originally yours, but taken from you, only to have it cause you to bleed money for the last several years as a huge thorn in your side all for the privilege of buying it back. Which when you put it that way I suppose there's an 80% chance of it happening.

Baca Loco said...

Some teams, if they survive, may fall into a kind of limbo status. In the original NXL ays there were a few teams recognized as "pro" teams who didn't compete in the NXL. In fact while the first NXL championship was being contested with virtually nobody in attendence Strange and Dynasty were battling for a WC title.
There will be a division "pro" teams can compete in other than the NXL.

I doubt the NXL wants all those teams. I also doubt there will an NXL--at least in name--next season. Rather a closed pro division that better reflects economic realities.

That sounds about right.