Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Cynical VFTD Game

But this is not just another cynical VFTD game. It is also the first weekly installment of Major League Paintball Held Hostage Days 42-49. Registration for USPL's Huntington Beach Surf City Open opened Monday evening.
The game has two parts; pick the total number of teams to register and the total number of teams to pay. The earliest correct answer(s) will be the winner. The game will remain open until March 18th. Since there is no chance of a tie VFTD the following tie-breaker is just for fun.

Tie-breaker: Is the reduction from 140 teams to 130 teams the result of new scheduling considerations or concern over the perception of "filling" the event? Show your work.

The winner will receive a Cynical VFTD Game Winner T-shirt. Who knows, it may even have a wolf on it.

Guess early, guess often. Just keep in mind that the vitality of the teams base is only part of the equation.

1 comment:

D.MaShadow said...

119 Register
109 Paid

Tie breaker: Its for filling the event I think. They are kind of scared that PSPs numbers are still high. I'm also guessing they want to be cautious, considering its they're first time doing such a big event? With the whole economy and stuff going down and PSP is able to keep they're number high, that means someone is going to be affected and maybe they are thinking its going to be their league.