Sunday, February 8, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage, Day 39

Today is T minus 3 and counting down. At approx. 4 PM EST there were 100 paid teams and 156 teams registered for Phoenix including 8 pro teams. Despite current appearances the pro team numbers will total at least 12 -- which will likely leave a well-known pro team out of the PSP's pro division.

If you missed the Mr. Curious query about the Ironmen playing PALM--it was last Thursday or Friday--you won't care much that Mr. Curious's curiosity has been satisfied. Mr. C now has a very good idea of wassup now but as it turns out he ain't gonna spill. Seems he's a little put out that nobody showed any interest. I will, of course, try to change his mind but the petulance and immaturity of these celebrity-in-their-own-mind types is nearly limitless. It would probably be easier to just play along and post a comment or three.

The USPL is pushing the pro player ride-along program with a first paid first pick opportunity for prospective divisional teams. The player spends an hour on Thursday helping "their" divisional team field-walk and then hang out the rest of the weekend on an "as available" basis. I know this sounds cool and it may even motivate a team or two to sign up but does anybody have any concern about the advice some of these pro players may give?

Today's word, boys and girls, is rulebook. Can you use it in a sentence? Here's an example: Where is the freaking rulebook for the PSP '09 season? A brief update on rules changes was a helpful bit of info but doesn't replace an actual rulebook, which has been known to occasionally come in handy. I realize there's plenty of time what with the event still eleven days away ...

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