Friday, February 27, 2009

Enlistments for the Week

This week's recruits to the Deadbox Puppet Army (What is the DPA?) are Houdini RIP and Don Saavedra.
Houdini joins us from Singapore where he and a group of friends are suffering a severe case of the paintball addiction.
Don was recently in Phoenix working the webcast and if you'd like to hear more from Don check out his Paintball Live! series.

Welcome and thanks.

Before signing off I'd like to take a moment and encourage the rest of y'all to consider joining our happy little band. I cheerfully admit it's a purely selfish request. I enjoy seeing where y'all are coming from and what paintball has done to you. And if you don't join why should the next guy? If that doesn't convince you do it to spare me idle moments of boredom. Oh, by the way, if you didn't realize it before, I'm utterly shameless.

Until next time.

UPDATE: Turns out Don is no longer involved in the Paintball Live! venture. My apologies for including out-of-date info above. Appreciate the heads-up, Don.


houdini RIP said...

Dead Box Puppet Army - wow I'm feeling like a middle aged groupie now. Thanks for checking in on our humble little team site. FYI personal marker ownership of markers in Singapore is still not a legal reality so our struggle continues on this little South East Asian island... Thankfully I learn a lot from the small band of pb bloggers like yourself who take the time to post decent material. Much appreciated.

Baca Loco said...

Just wait until you see the T-shirt!
So how do things work with respect to events or even practice or rec play? Are guns registered or held on site?
If readership ever starts to drop I'll post indecent material too. ;)

houdini RIP said...

lol I'm a designer as well so maybe I'll find time to come up with my own design.

As for paintball here, Singapore is this tiny dot on the arse end of South East Asian but is only 26 miles wide. Rec play/speedball play is allowed with field owned mech markers under strict conditions and licensing. There is no legal way for paintballers to purchase their own markers here yet.

For more competitive speedball teams like us, Malaysia is only an 40 minute drive across International border security (well a mile long bridge) so we travel a an hour + each weekend to practice in Malaysia (you can own your own markers in Malaysia and the pb scene has been building strongly enough to have 2 major paintball leagues running and for them to host the World Cup Asia each year). Friends and field owners in Malaysia look after our emarkers for us but we can never taken them back into Singapore. Most of the tournaments are held in Kuala Lumpar (Malaysia's capital city) so we take a 4 Hr drive every few months to compete.

There is a small Mech Marker tournament held here in Singapore so there is hope for the game locally but if you know anything about Singaporean politics, the laws are strict. Firearms are outlawed and paintball markers are considered 'fire arms' for now...

Anyway other countries have it much worse than Singapore. We just keep promoting the sport and who knows, one day we may be able to convince the government here that paintball is something that could boost the tourism industry bank balances...

Will give your site a link from our site when I get a chance...