Sunday, February 1, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage, Day 31

The countdown is C minus 1. Tomorrow is the big day as VFTD goes to the T count for Phoenix as we track paid teams.

Okay, I did post in that classification thread in the PSP forum--but only because Raehl was doing his usual bang-up job of winning friends and influencing people. For those of you who have dropped by VFTD because of that thread the place to start is with the series of posts with Logan's Run in the title. (They were all posted in January '09, I think.)

The USPL has a forum over at the Nation now so until the website goes live if you've got questions or are just curious you can find them there. The current front page at the site does allow you to register for email newsletter or contact the league (Camille?) by email or phone if you want to go that route.
The USPL is looking for candidates to fill spots on a Divisional Steering Committee so if you're that guy (or that girl) check it out. I'm sure the USPL is trying to be all egalitarian and believes involving "the teams" in the process is a good thing and in some respects I agree but it's my experience, such as it is, that mostly the peeps who want to be on committees want to be in charge. Not unlike politicians. Representative government is a swell idea, it's the representatives that suck.


Lawrence said...

81 out of 143 as of this morning.

Baca Loco said...

Thanks, Lawrence. Now if you'll start submitting some copy too you'll be my new best friend. :)

Lawrence said...