Thursday, February 5, 2009

Major League Paintball Held Hostage, Day 35

T minus 7. And counting down. As of 12:50 PM EST there are 92 paid and 156 registered teams for Phoenix. Expect most of the rest who will pay and participate to do so this weekend just before the deadline. Phoenix '08 had 123 teams.

What is it with teams that register over and over but never actually play? After registration closes and they aren't playing (again) do they high five each other and go, awesome, we almost went to Phoenix. I don't get it.

Brandon Lambertson, you've ruined my life! When I was the only one sporting a wolf shirt life was good but if everybody has one I'm back to square one. You may force me to bust out my vintage Lone Wolf MacQuade T.

Check out Stuff Paintballers Might Not Hate if you've got a minute or two. Take a look at the ray-gun. I'm thinking the front of that thing is a shower head. Which reminds me. Back in the day one of my former teammates made a working bolt for an automag out of a sprinkler head. Last weekend he showed me his latest creation, FrankenPump, which has a mish-mash of unmatched parts--the pump handle is a gas through from a Piranha--but shoots like a dream.


Brandon Lambertson 909 said...

HAHAHAHA, Thanks for the link Baca, your traffic should really help raise awareness. Bless you!!!!

Im not sure that MacQuade shirt will do anymore. Word is, even good old Chuck is throwing in the towel......the jig is up. Wolf Shirts are the key to all of the worlds secrets. I can't make Phoenix, but I will be watching the web cast in my WOLF-T.

Anonymous said...

Not really 156 teams. Right now, 158 but a number of no-brainer pros are not registered yet (Dynasty, All Americans...).

And a review of the list of teams who are there begs the question: where the hell are the rest of them? Is the PSP still the default? If so, where is X-Factor? Where is Impact?

Again... where is the sense of urgency? People at the Expo tell me "no one knows what's going on".

Baca Loco said...

Dammit, Jeff, it was 156 when I checked. Stop trying to undermine my credibility. :)

Yes, there will be a few more pros signing up eventually. I remain somewhat concerned about one or two of them however. (If you want to know more about the pro situation drop me a line.)